Young artists & young audiences

Exploring new ways of creating theatre and art exchange

What is Exit The Room?

Young adults who have graduated from school in 2020 or 2021 have not moved out into the world, but have often stayed in their rooms. There is a lot of catching up to do – for this generation in general and for art in particular.

From 2022 to 2027, the EXIT THE ROOM project – funded by the EU’s ERASMUS+ program – will bring young adults interested in art back into motion and into a European exchange with each other. The aim is to turn the next generation into creators of their own programs and to encourage new forms of discourse about and with the mediation of art. In this way, a large network of Next Generation Projects is to be created in European youth theater by 2027.

The program includes residencies of YOUNG ARTISTS and their performative try-outs at the participating festivals as well as expert discussions and networking meetings. New forms of dialogue, reflection and encounters between young people around theater performances will be developed. The focus is on intensifying the existing networking of aspiring artists with more established artists in workshops, dialogues and discourses.



  • What are the themes and artistic forms of the NEXT GENERATION?
  • What hat methods and platforms do they need for the development of their art?
  • How do the artists interact with the respective cities?
  • Which ways of connecting theatre with its environment can be found?

Every year of participants works in 3 residencies on 3 different locations and festivals. A main focus is to connect them with as many artists and producers as possible, to show input of pofessional theatre work for young audience and to provide working spaces for them to develop their own art. Every year ends with their own performance at the last residency at an international festival.




  • How can children and young people, the direct target audience of the plays, be interactively involved in the festival?
  • Which ways of connecting theatre with its environment in the respective of audience development can be found?
  • How can a theoretical, professional confrontation between cultural criticism, cultural policy and children’s and youth theatre take place?

Every year professionals of the partner theatres get together in 2 or 3 Working Session in order to exchange expreriences and knowledge, to develop new formats and to get in contact with the NEXT GENERATION of EXIT THE ROOM. Network partners can take part in the Working Sessions, they can send participants from their country and they can host own events.


The following theatres and festivals set out to find exciting formats that make theatre festivals, in addition to performances, an extraordinary event:

  • Agora Theater, St. Vith, Belgium
  • Bravo! Festival, Helsinki metropolitan area, Finland
  • Junges Theater Bremen, Bremen, Germany
  • Jugend Theater Werkstatt Spandau, Berlin, Germany
  • Kliker Festival, Varaždin, Croatia
  • spleen*graz, Festival, Graz, Austria
  • Starke Stücke, Festival Frankfurt and Rhine-Main region, Germany
  • TaO!, Graz, Austria (accredited institution and head organization)
  • Westwind Festival, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

The goal is to continuously expand this network.