Season 2023/24

Season 2023/24 included young participants sent by the following partner institutions:
Junges Theater Bremen / „Starke Stücke“-Festival / TaO! – Theater am Ortweinplatz / Westwind Festival

Florian Altmann

Born in 2003, Flo is currently on his way to being a qualified theatre pedagogue while he also studies Linguistics in Vienna. Meanwhile, he spends his time acting and writing. In his professional future, he wants to focus on working with kids.

Maddalena Bertassi

Maddalena is a 19-year-old aspiring artist. She is trying her hand at various areas of the art industry, has so far been most active in the world of musicals and fashion and now wants to explore what other opportunities the theatre industry offers.

Imke Daum

Imke is an artist who works interdisciplinarily in theatre, art and music. She hopes for a theatre which stays relevant in the future and is accessible for everyone. She also knows how to switch off the light and take the best selfies.

Vanessa Defant

Vanessa is 19 years old and lives in Graz. She has been on stage since she was 6 years old and loves the spotlight. Whether it’s theater, street art, cake decorating or painting, art always plays a role.

Sarah Frank

Since the age of 11, Sarah has performed at TaO! Graz, spleen*graz and various theatre and performance projects. She works in the book sector, loves literature and language, and is interested in creating innovative ways of storytelling and human connection.

Viktoria Kasprik

Viktoria studied Cultural Mediation, Theatre and Music in Hildesheim. She works in theatre education and explores ways of creating alternative theatre in social contexts. This led her to her current studies of Visual Theatre and Puppetry in Stuttgart.

Leah Klein

Julia Knöß

Born in Munich, Julia currently studies theatre, film and media studies. She is active as a theatre educator, actress and mint oil lover. Her goal is to make theatre more accessible and attractive to children and young people, especially in rural areas.

Adriel Ondas

Adriel has been performing as a theatre workshop participant, film and stage actor, podcast host and dancer. Many of these engagements have been associated with TaO! Graz. Currently, Adriel pursues a degree in Information and Computer Engineering at TU Graz.

Elena Puchelt

Elena discovered her love for performing arts at Circomedia, school for contemporary circus and physical theatre in Bristol. After finishing her BA in Dance and Theatre in Social Contexts at HKS Ottersberg, she is now searching for ways to combine all those fields.

Jana Rodenbach

Jana studies Psychology and has learned a lot about different styles of theatre since she was 13. She particularly enjoys introducing others to more unusual forms of theatre, since there is so much more to it than Romeo and Juliet.

Sara Schmiedl

Sara writes; mostly for theatre and mostly about loss in existence and in language. Lately also through installations and performances – and sometimes in between all these forms.

Linnéa Schneider

Linnéa studies dance and theatre pedagogy. In her artistic process, she responds to current social issues and changes using an interdisciplinary, experimental performative approach. She encourages intercultural exchange to give space to multiple perspectives.

Lisa Striezel

Lisa works as a theatre pedagogue and has recently finished her BA in Theatre Pedagogy at HS Osnabrück. Her focus is interdisciplinary theatre work in social fields and she is exploring the socio-political responsibilities connected to the field of theatre education.

Elena Trantow

Elena is 19 years old, studies Art History and lives in Graz. She has been interested in theatre since childhood. From 2015 onwards, she gathered experiences at Theater am Ortweinplatz in Graz. In 2022, she first stood on the professional stage in her hometown.

Rose Türemis

Rose is an undergrad student of Theatre, Film and Media Studies in Frankfurt. She has recently completed her first short documentary film portrait. She deals with the representation of others and otherness through atmospheric visualisation.

Tim Wedell

Born 2002 in Bremen, Tim currently studies Literature and Social Sciences at Humboldt University in Berlin. Being interested in political theatre and devised theatre, Tim plans to continue studying Theatre Studies after finishing the current BA.

Clemens Zoller

Clemens is a young dramaturge based in Berlin and Paris. Interested in producing theatre targeting heterogeneous audiences, he has joined ETR to explore different forms of qualitative research both aesthetic and demographic in nature.