AGORA Theater

Theatre of the German-speaking Community of Belgium

St. Vith, Belgium

AGORA makes cross-border and multi-lingual theatre that concerns everyone: children, young people and adults. Due to its exceptional geographical location – in the border triangle of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg – the multilingual theatre has developed into an institution of border experience. It negotiates the connections and differences between German-speaking, French-speaking and Flemish culture, between identity and plurality, and between country and city.

Since the theatre was founded in 1980, the ensemble has developed around 50 productions in youth and adult theatre. Over the years, the former amateur theatre has become a professional independent ensemble. Today, AGORA plays all over Europe and has already received many awards.

In addition, theatre education work is also one of the central activities of the AGORA. The programme offers many opportunities for schools that contribute to the development of differentiated perception and judgement as well as to the promotion of core social skills. Projects outside of school also give children and young people access to theatre.

The desire to understand is what drives us. With and in the theatre, we search for an attitude capable of action and empowered to act in the society that surrounds us.

Events Hosted

within the project

OCTOBER 2022 | 3-day Professionals Working Session | St. Vith, Belgium
OCTOBER 2022 | 5-day Next Generation Residency | St. Vith, Belgium

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