Junges Theater Bremen

Theatre for and with Young People

Bremen, Germany

Theater Bremen is a 4-division house (music theater, drama, dance, TYA) with an extensive repertoire and several venues. Under the umbrella of JUNGES THEATER BREMEN, the Moks (TYA), Junge Akteur:innen (Youth Theatre) as well as the area Theater und Schule (Education) are united. The Junges Theater Bremen team consists of 20 employees and many freelancers. We pursue an ambitious theater for young audiences and with young people and produce four premieres for young audiences and three premieres with our youth ensembles per season. Our mission is to tell empowering stories for young audiences, and to surprise and challenge our audiences with different aesthetics and new forms of theater. This includes creating visibility for perspectives that have been too little heard in the past. As Junges Theater Bremen, we want to be a place that creates opportunities for identification for all children and young people in our urban society.

Junges Theater Bremen has received many awards in the past; two years in a row a production won the FAUST Theater Prize in the category Theater for Young Audiences; in addition, for many years productions by the Moks have been invited to the “Augenblick Mal”- Festival in Berlin.


Nathalie Forstman

Events Hosted

within the project

NOVEMBER 2023 | 5-day Next Generation Residency | Bremen, Germany

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