KLIKER Festival

International Festival of Dance, Performing, Music and Visual Arts

Varaždin, Croatia

KLIKER festival is a unique international festival of dance, performing, music and visual arts, organised by VRUM Performing Arts Collective. Through performances of various, but carefully selected performance formats, domestic and foreign artists children from kindergarten through high school are introduced to the art world.

In the most direct way, appropriate to their age and understanding, the world of theater is revealed to them. In addition to the performance programs, the festival also hosts workshops for children and parents, residencies for young artists and classes aimed at educators.

KLIKER festival encourages children’s interest in contemporary performing arts in a thoughtful and qualitative way. Children and young people are directly involved in festival activities, participate in performances, workshops, discussions with artists, write their own impressions and ask their own questions.

Thus, the festival becomes a place for meeting and sharing specific knowledge and skills, international and multicultural cooperation, a place of interdisciplinarity and innovation.

KLIKER festival is a cultural event that connects the cultural and artistic scene of Croatia with Europe.


Sanja Frühwald

Events Hosted

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JUNE 2023 | 5-day Next Generation Residency | Varaždin, Croatia

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