Mezzanin Theater


Mezzanin Theater was founded in Graz in 1989 and works as a free theater group that deals with a wide range of social topics and issues as well as artistic working methods and processes on a cross-genre level.
Mezzanin Theater is working Interdisciplinary, inclusive, international and innovativ.
It seeks encounters on a national and international level both as artists and as cultural mediators. Through the multi-layered, artistic work and its realization and presentation in venues and performance spaces that are not only common, it appeals to almost all social classes and age groups.
Together with TaO! Theater am Ortweinplatz, Mezzanin Theater Graz is organizing the biannual festival spleen*graz an international festival for children and youth and the regional festival KuKuK which takes place every year in rural areas of styria.

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