Stadttheater Spandau

Curator and Artist Collective for Interdisciplinary Art

Berlin, Germany

Founded in 2021, Stadttheater Spandau is a curator and artist group for interdisciplinary productions of art, theater and music. On mobile stages and in empty stores in Spandau, we create an open space for our cooperation partners, the artists and our local audience.

In winter 2021/22, we curated the „WINTERQUARTIER“ as part of the Draussenstadt initiative, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Stiftung für Kulturelle Weiterbildung und Kulturberatung. After the summer festival „SPOTS-ON SPANDAU“ in 2022, we curated „AUFBRUCH“ in 2022/2023, a Spandau-wide festival in Eiswerder, Staaken and Altstadt Spandau. In summer 2023, we collaborated with Kultursommerfestival Berlin for the second time. Since our beginnings, we have supported individual young artists and tried to make our program as diverse as possible. Our audience is not just regular theatre audiences, but also local neighbourhoods, families and children.

As an artistic collective, we work with our semi-professional ensemble to create a wide variety of theater productions on socio-political topics (in 2023: „The Winner Takes It All“; in 2022 Commissioned by the Humboldt Forum Berlin: „The Blind Men and the Elephant“, open-air in Spandau „Kein Durcheinander“). We welcome and support young people who are interested in theatre regardless of their level of experience. Our work is based in Spandau, with an international approach. The co-production Trade Winds (2022) toured Germany, Brazil and Angola.

Our work is always guided by the idea of a creative and open place of identification, as well as the vision of a different, super-diverse and local-international „Stadttheater“ (municipal theatre) for Spandau.

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