TaO! Theater am Ortweinplatz


The Work of the TaO! is based on 4 sectors that inspire and strengthen each other: Theatre Programme with relevant and challenging productions for young people | Pedagogy with workshops, projects and reflection formats for schools and groups | Labs, which are creative spaces for children, teenagers and adults | Theatre Exploration, with exploring and developing theatre for a young audience

TaO!’s regular theatre programme offers relevant and challenging productions for young people aged 8 and above. We want to familiarise our visitors with the medium of theatre, draw them in and take them to different worlds, while presenting modern, highly topical theatre performances created for and with young people.

Our professional productions often feature young actors alongside established artists. These not only provide authentic identification figures for our audience, but also help us stay in touch with young people’s issues and ways of speaking.

Our repertoire includes self-developed productions and contemporary plays on current issues, as well as stimulating adaptations of classic literature aimed at actively involving young audiences. In all of our work, we try to explore new artistic forms and aesthetics, testing the possibilities of contemporary theatre.


Anna-Katerina Frizberg
Andreas Flick


TaO! is the ERASMUS+ accredited organisation for the EXIT THE ROOM project and therefore responsible head organisation.

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