TaO! – Theater am Ortweinplatz

Theatre for a Young Audience and Centre for Young Art

Graz, Austria

Artistic work at TaO! is based on 4 sectors that inspire and strengthen each other:

Theatre Programme: TaO!’s regular theatre programme offers relevant and challenging productions for young people aged 8 and above. Our professional productions often feature young actors alongside established artists.

Theatre Pedagogy: At TaO!, we view theatre pedagogy as a playful way to help young people create their own experiences and reach their own conclusions, rather than as a means to educate or impart knowledge through inflexible material.

Theatre Labs: Our theatre labs are spaces of encounter and social interaction, in which people can connect with each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Theatre acting as an immersive and meaningful leisure time activity promotes social and creative skills.

Theatre Exploration: Moving from a theatre for a young audience to a theatre of a young generation is a logical development that challenges traditional pigeonholing and set structures between viewers and actors. At TaO!, we collaborate with young people in various projects in order to explore and test out new paths for the future of such a theatre.


Anna-Katerina Frizberg
Andreas Flick


TaO! is ERASMUS+ accredited and therefore responsible head organisation of EXIT THE ROOM.

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