Try-Out 2022

Sense and Sensibility

Season 2021/22 consisted of residencies at the following institutions:
1 – Online (due to COVID restrictions) / 2 – spleen*graz / 3 – AGORA Theater

Sense and sensibility

An installation performance on the core of emotion

The first season of EXIT THE ROOM Next Generation mobilities concluded with a complex, musical movement performance piece.

Perception, feeling, thought. Our body in a space – what we take from it is entirely up to us. We are light, we are dark, we are hard and soft, big and small, fast and slow, we are nothing of everything and a little of everything. We are what we feel, and that alone is very simple and very complicated at the same time. The world out there is perception and we stand in the middle of it, alone, together, naked and furry, asking what remains when we look, listen and feel?


Performance: Marcell Bodó, Nicky Eicher, Marlene Ensslen, Lea Heiser, Jürgen Hölzl, Donia Ibrahim, Laura Marie Koch, Florentine Konrad, Sita Kotteck, Gabriel Kralik, Nicolas Ledun, Mathilde Lüderitz, Lea Midasch, Shirin Rieser, Marie Sallmutter, Azlea Wriessnig

Coaching: Jacob Bertram, Anna-Katerina Frizberg, Natascha Grasser, Julia Schreiner, Ronald Ter Telgte