Try-out 2023

Open Space

Season 2022/23 consisted of residencies at the following institutions:
1 – „Starke Stücke“-Festival / 2 – spleen*graz / 3 – KLIKER Festival

Open Space

Spend some time in an unexpected space

EXIT THE ROOM wrapped up as the unofficial second opening event of KLIKER festival, but one that was more constructed as a happening for audiences to walk by and spend some time in an unexpected space, rather than attending a fixed performance.

The group created a public space in front of Varaždin’s municipal theatre, including various places to hang out, such as a bench that people could paint on, a free make-up station, a pavillon to sit in the shadow and eat fruits, or bean bags to make themselves comfortable in their own way.

During this open space, some live moments created a performative atmosphere: a recreation of collected dreams based on puppetry and dance, a movement piece featuring living statues in the fountain, or an audio landscape created around multi-lingual love poems.


Performance: Chiara Aprea, Sunčica Bandić, Judith Bethke, Josip Bišćan, Anna Eibel, Laurens Gujber, Tim Habe, Natalia-Danai Koutrolikou, Isaak Kudaschov, Karla Mitrović, Hannah Patricia Müller, Bex Pattison, Vicky Prägant, Feline Przyborowski, Emma Barbara Rose, Klarisse Roth, Jura Ruža, Karla Špiranec, Anabela Sulić, Ruth Süpple

Coaching: Andreas Flick, Sanja Frühwald, Sara Gröning