Participants Season 2022/23

Chiara Aprea

Chiara has always been fascinated by the potential of both verbal and non verbal communication. This brought her from Naples to Vienna, where she pursued a BA in Contemporary Dance at MUK and is completing one in Transcultural Communication at ZTW.

Sunčica Bandić

Sunčica began her artistic journey in the ballet studio of the HNK Split, where she performed in repertory performances. She then moved to Zagreb to study Contemporary Dance. She is currently attending the 'Master of Arts Pedagogy' at the MUK Academy in Vienna.

Judith Bethke

Judith Bethke studies Applied Theatre in Gießen and as a guest student Directing in Sarajevo. She is working interdisciplinary (i.a. at „geteiltdurchdrei kollektiv“), often on socio-political issues.

Josip Bišćan

After finishing a degree of Zootechnics, Josip is now studying nonverbal theatre at the Academy of Art and Culture in Osijek. He is a self taught dancer and am choreographing and teaching urban dance at the local dance studio in Osijek.

Jelena Buden

Jelena studies Multimedia in Varaždin in Croatia. She leaves the Movement to her colleagues, creates and works with paper, graphics, set design and shapes.

Benjamin Cromme

Cromme is involved in spoken theatre, dance,performance, audio production and theater education. Cromme has been active in the independent scene since 2018. Cromme conducts interdisciplinary research at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Giessen.

Anna Eibel

Anna Eibel was born in Austria in 2003. Her artistic journey started at a technical highschool for art and design. It is her goal to never stop exploring different ways of expressing herself artistically, which is why she is taking classes for improvisational theater at TaO! in Graz since 2022.

Laurens Gujber

Laurens is studying Entrepreneurship and is interested in building modern cultural work environments. In his art, he combines his varied interests ranging from acting, directing, graphic and video design and cultural management to create intense experiences.

Tim Habe

Tim Habe started performing arts when he was 8 years old and played at the Oper Graz and Salzburger Festspiele. He studied history, political science and Hebrew, works in film and is obsessed with Reclam books and Waldmeister.

Hannah Hochreiter

Hannah Hochreiter was born in 2003 in Linz. She is part of a student acting group at TaO-Graz and also participated in several theatre projects in her hometown. Hannah Hochreiter released her first single „Regentag“ in March 2023 under the name hannamaria.

Ena Huremović

Ena is currently studying for her master's as an engineer of multimedia technology at University North in Varaždin. She is interested into advancing as a visual storyteller who uses various softwares or hand art to transform ideas into unique designs.

Natalia-Danai Koutrolikou

With a special focus on her senses and an interdisciplinary work, Natalia explores new forms of creative expression. She usually performs them through dance and theatre on stage or mediates them in workshops.

Isaak Kudaschov

(2001, he/him) advocates for more community and postmigrant joy. In his artistic practice, he prefers to queer narratives. He acts, dances, paints, performs, sings, translates, writes and dreams.

Karla Mitrović

Karla Mitrović (23) has been dancing since 2012. She is studying Media and public relations alongside Nonverbal theatre at the Academy of arts and culture in Osijek, Croatia. She choreographs and teaches young dancers at the local Dance studio.

Hannah Patricia Müller

Hannah is a theatre maker in social fields, searching for ways to combine dance and theatre, where she puts her focus on the elements of body, room and lyric. She is currently based in Bremen and just finished her BA Study of Theater Pedagogy at the HKS.

Rebekka Pattison

She works as a producer for choreographer Amelia Uzategui Bonilla. She moves between dramaturgy & production for dance, theatre & performance, English-German translation & performing. She loves doing artist & audience care.

Hannah Portev

Born 2001 in Potsdam. Hannah has experience in theatre pedagog and festival organisation. She is building a life as a freelance theater worker, working in collective art projects as an organizer and a performer, currently experimenting with poetry and voice.

Vicky Prägant

Born in 1999, Vicky was part of TURBOtheater Villach as an actor, assistant, and organizer for various projects. For the last few years, they have been studying Theatre, Film and Media Studies. In 2022 they also started their own theatre group, Seifendrama.

Feline Przyborowski

Is born in Köln, 2000 (sagittarius), works in different theatrical and artistical fields, mainly as a performer and writer/director and is currently focusing on exploring vulnerability, (queer) love and co.

Emma Barbara Rose

Emma is connected to the arts through various branches. What forms her most, is her connection to social art,music making and performing arts in general. Theater for young audiences are especially close to her heart.

Klarisse Roth

Klarisse Roth, born in 2004 in Cologne, finished high school in 2022 with a focus on literature, arts and culture. She currently works in the Comedia Theater and is exploring different artistic areas.

Jura Ruža

Jura Ruža (born in Varaždin, 1999) is an actor and performing artist who has so far appeared both on film and stage. He is experienced in drama plays, puppet shows, non-verbal performances and his own one-man shows.

Karla Špiranec

Karla is a student of a MA departments Nonverbal theatre and Media and PR on the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek. She has finished BA of Culture, Media and Management on the same Academy. She has been a dancer of many forms and genres for most of her life.

Anabela Sulić

Anabela is an actress, puppeteer and performer born in Požega. As a student, she started doing theater for young audiences. She continued to build her knowledge at The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek and co-founded the organization Glinjol Teatar.

Ruth Süpple

Ruth studies Applied Theatre in Gießen and works interdisciplinary and collectively in fields of performance art, cultural management, sound-, video- and light design i.a. with geteiltdurchdrei kollektiv.

Laura Belén Yurtöven

Laura works as Scenograph and Costumedesigner for films and theatre. In her Studio LABOR in Wiesbaden she hosts exhibitions and events for the local Scene and International artists. Laura captures the world via paintings, sculpture, graphics or Photography.